Paris Fashion Week – Dries Van Noten’s Fred & Ginger Collection

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Dries Van Noten’s fixation on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing cheek to cheek in the 1935 classic, Top Hat, eventually became the inspiration for his new sublime Fall 2013 collection, playfully dubbed “Fred and Ginger”. Van Noten mixed the idea of classic “men’s clothes and men’s fabrics invaded by female embellishment,” as he expressed it, presented in combinations such as “English wool with ostrich and diamonds.”

The fusing of these opposite spectrums was displayed by Van Noten’s own favorite outfit – a mannish white shirt, navy skirt trailing plumes of ostrich anchored by crystal, layered over gray flannel pants. This also represents the perfect lesson in layering as does my other stand out favorite – a 20’s cream tiered fringe dress worn over a light blue oxford shirt and navy flannel pants, topped off with an old-fashioned cricket striped blazer with floral embroidery (both with crepe-soled oxfords as footwear). Elegance firmly planted in 21st modernity.  Another dalliance with the 20’s came in the “daddy-huge cabled sweater” over a varsity-stripe skirt that dissolved into flapper fringes. Tres chic!

The color pattern never strayed far from the neutral greys, blues, whites and burgandies except for the few exits in pale silver and rose lamé brocade, and the froth of ostrich feathers, also anchored with crystal, sent down in an aforementioned rose-pink top and a brightest of sunny yellow below the knee skirt.

Dries had his own feelings about synthesis of his collection: “There are boys and girls, there is night and day, but above all there is love.” And after all, that, along with a few of Van Noten’s delightful fall looks, is all you need!

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